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how to be a professional upcycler *grin*

Wondering what in the world to do with your yoghurt tubs? At The Collective, we love giving our tubs an extra lease of life and have a few suggestions for you fellow upcyclers to give a go.


Seedling Growers

Trying to get your garden started? Pop some pre-mixed soil in your tub and plant your seedling about a finger’s depth in. Make sure you keep it watered (but not drowning) and fertilise weekly with houseplant fertiliser. These li’l guys love to be in a warm and light place but be careful they aren’t in direct sunlight for too long. Transport into a bigger pot, or into the garden when the second pair of leaves sprout.


Stationery Pot

Needing a pot to contain all those pens, pencils and arts ‘n’ craft supplies your li’l ones leave around? Look no further than one of our tubs! They can be decorated as you please and come in handy to keep things tidy.


Guitar Picks

One of the more creative upcycles we’ve seen our epic yoghurt fans come up with is guitar picks! All you need to do is trace out the pick, cut it out, and file down the edges as it can be a li’l rough. Top tip: you can use our tubs or the lid for this.


Storage Containers

Whether its storing pasta, rice, cookies, Christmas decorations or last nights dinner leftovers, these tubs will help to keep things organised. Our team uses them in their flats, homes and at work to store everything from lollies to Collective magnets.


Herb Garden

Want to jazz up your current herb pot? Decorate and paint one of our tubs to your heart’s content, and then gently transfer your herbs into your epic tub *whoop*


Gift Containers

Don’t have time to get some wrapping paper for your nana’s birthday? Never fear, our tubs are here! Jazz ‘em up with a lick of paint, glitter or a bow, and you’re good to go.


We’re always looking for creative ways to give our tubs a new life, so if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Send in a photo of your upcycling creations and you could be getting another on us (one filled with yoghurt of course *grin*).


Don’t forget! Our tubs are recyclable too. Keep NZ nice ‘n’ green by making sure you wash out your tub and lid and pop em’ in your kerbside recycling bin!