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what the kefir?!

Kefir (said keh-fear) has been enjoyed around the world for over a thousand years. A popular yoghurt with Eastern European origins, kefir is made to a treasured recipe. By fermenting milk with billions of live cultures it’s much like a traditional yoghurt… but what sets kefir apart is the diverse blend ‘n’ numbers of live cultures, in fact, our kefir boasts a whopping 13 different strains! Smooth and a li’l sour, it’ll not only tickle your tongue with its natural effervescence but the probiotic goodness will give your tummy some real good lovin’, no bull!


Our kefir pourable yoghurt is super versatile and we love to use it in lots of different ways. Pour on a brekkie granola, whizz up in a smoothie, create a probiotic marinade, or just enjoy as a gut-lovin’ snack on its own. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog and social pages for some gut-lovin’ kefir recipes *grin*


You can find kefir in flavours; Natural, Unsweetened Coconut, Mango Turmeric, Boysenberry, Vanilla Bean and Blueberry in leading supermarkets nationwide.