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yoghurt doin’ good

Chefs for Good

We're once again collaborating with the best in the biz to create bespoke gourmet yoghurts that'll make a difference. Like our founders (chefs Angus and Ofer), our chosen Kiwi chefs are passionate about doin' good... one spoonful at a time.

with Sachie Nomura

We've joined forces with Sachie Nomura, to create a extraordinary Vietnamese Coffee gourmet yoghurt. This is a yoghurt that’ll make a big difference by supporting New Zealanders who are faced with fertility challenges, and is sure to raise a smile.

supportin’ Fertility NZ

Funds raised through the sales of Sachie's Chefs for Good yoghurt will go to her chosen charity, Fertility NZ, who provide support and smiles to Kiwis facing fertility challenges.