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yoghurt doin’ good

chefs for good

Letting our products have a voice is at the forefront of what The Collective do. So when chefs Angus and Ofer (our founders) said “let’s share it”, it made a ton of sense to collaborate with some iconic NZ chefs to create bespoke yoghurt that’ll make a difference.

with Al Brown

Al has the honour of being the first chef to kick off our Chefs for Good series. Working alongside The Collective, Al’s crafted a flavour that not only shines with our ultra-creamy yoghurt, it shines for his charity of choice, Garden to Table.

supportin’ Garden to Table

Every time you dig into a tub of Chefs for Good yoghurt, you’re supporting Garden to Table; a curriculum based programme that helps NZ school kids change the way they think about food.