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yoghurt doin’ good

Chefs for Good

We're once again collaborating with the best in the biz to create bespoke gourmet yoghurts that'll make a difference. Like our founders (chefs Angus and Ofer), our chosen Kiwi chefs are passionate about doin' good... one spoonful at a time.

with Nic Watt

We've joined forces with award-winning chef Nic Watt, to create a extraordinary Lemon Yuzu Cheesecake gourmet yoghurt. This is a yoghurt that’ll make a big difference in helping Kiwi kids be kids... and who doesn’t love a good cheesecake?!

supportin’ Variety

Funds raised through the sales of Nic’s Chefs for Good yoghurt will go to his chosen charity, Variety - the Children's Charity, who help give disadvantaged Kiwi kids the childhood they deserve.