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The Collective kids


Kefir probots is a super good probiotic yoghurt on a mission to give your li’l ones some really good tummy lovin’. With 13 active culture strains, it's the best way to deliver billions of live probiotics to those li'l tums, no bull!


Our original pouch yoghurts are proud sponsors of Forest & Bird and their Kiwi Conservation Club. Helpin’ kids to love ‘n’ care for their natural world is a big deal to us, so each of our original suckies proudly feature a NZ native bird.

fun stuff!

Get the ​li'l ones creativity flowing with our activity sheets below. Oh... and if you send us a pic (through social or email), we might just have a treat for your li’l one *wink*


We’re proud to be recycling with Terracycle® and our Suckies Brigade is the jewel in our crown! Our free, NZ wide recycling programme (for all of our packaging) not only helps to keep things a li'l 'greener' at home, but it can also help to turn your Collective waste into $'s for a chosen charity, school or organisation *score*